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Disturb The Neighbors was launched in 2016 as a contemporary art gallery based in New York City. With a tailored and sophisticated program of exhibitions, DTN primarily features works on canvas, large-scale sculpture, and experimental installations. The gallery focuses on artists producing work that engages with both the present and art-historical context. It aims to promote emerging artists and secure spots in prominent permanent collections and public institutions. DTN takes a conscious, thoughtful approach to the world of contemporary art and fosters the growth of new artists internationally.




About the Program


To be considered for representation, follow the submission guidelines below:


Please send a brief cover letter explaining your artistic background, a copy of your C.V., and a portfolio of no more than 10 images.


Application materials may be submitted electronically to: 

Subject Line: Artist Submission


Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for the gallery to review your works.

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