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DTN wants to help and you can too!

The recent COVID-19 introduction to the US has proved devastating in many ways already. DTN believes that art has the power to uplift even in the darkest of times. Although the gallery is currently closed to the public, we are lucky to have wonderful artists who are pitching in to help us provide a potential for raising funds to assist our local community during this crisis. 

Chyrum Lambert has graciously released a handful of  5 x 5 inch studies for sale to benefit City Harvest. Each piece is handmade using personally painted and dyed papers that have been cut and reassembled into beautiful patterns. These patterns the artist has used as inspiration in his fully completed pieces.

These studies are not typically available for sale, but we are thankful to share them now. Our hope is that they will be able to offer a deeply personal and rare peek into the artist's practice, while giving a moment of relief during these concerning times.

Let's band together and help where we can!

View the available pieces here.


Thank you.

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