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Chyrum Lambert b.1980 Tacoma



Chyrum Lambert (b. 1980 Tacoma, Washington) redefines art on paper with his mixed media paintings.  Based in Los Angeles, California, Lambert does not adhere to one specific medium, but instead uses a mix of different techniques including ink wash, oil paint, epoxy, stain, wax and rit dye. His works are hand cut, remixed, and then redistributed graphically onto each final cover sheet. The effect blurs visual disciplines and makes his work an intriguing genre of its own.


Lambert chose not to be trained on a technical basis, wishing to avoid how the contemporary education system interfered with developing his personalized approach to painting. Instead, his greater influences come from his own study of written poetry as well as artists whose work centered around Post War Abstraction.


The artist was invited by Rhode Island School of Design to participate as a guest lecturer for their E’Ship program in 2015.


In 2014, Lambert was a featured artist at Pattern Pulp Studios and secured a solo exhibition with Blackstone Gallery shortly after. He then went on to have a solo show with Ed Varie, New York. Lambert’s work has appeared in The Wild Magazine, It’s Nice That (London), and, among others.



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